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Handyman 120's  Services

Whether it takes 15 mins or 3 hours, Price is $120.00 ; $120 per a men, base on Clients Request. 

All Material Must Be Purchase By Client. $75 Surcharge fee, if we have to pick up material; plus reimbursement of material cost. $1.50 charge per screw and anchor use on handy project, if it is not provided by client. If service is rendering and client ask to add an additional item while service is in progress, $45 surcharge fee per an item added.

  • Furniture Assembly

  • Closet Furniture Assembly

  • Furniture Wall Mounting

  • Bathroom Grab bars

  • Stationary TV Mounting (40lbs)

  • Pictures/Art/Mirror Mounting

  • Curtains/Drapes Installation

  • Light Fixture Installation

  • Ceiling Fan Installation

  • Window AC Installation​/Bracket


we focus on very little handy things around your home or office. Please click on our FAQs

Hours of operation:

We are available from Monday-Friday by appointment only, You can contact us to see if there is any available slots for emergency handy projects. We are a window base service; Time for arrival is from morning; 7am-11am, Afternoon;12pm-4pm, and evening 5pm-10pm. Example:Please be aware that if you book our services for 7am, our Time of arrival end period is 11am for that slot. 

How far do we travel:

We work throughout the all five boroughs in New York City, Tri-state areas, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Form of payments Accepted:

CASH/DEBIT/CREDIT; in person only.


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